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Viral Beauty

Year: 2016
Age Rating: 0 Years
Duration 90 Minutes
Director: David Tyson Lam
IMDB Rating: N/A / 10
Genre: Comedy, Romance
After posting a brash dating ad online, Marsha Day is thrown into the limelight when Perez Hilton shares the video with his legion of followers. Becoming a viral hit, Marsha is scooped up by a talent manager who creates a hit online channel based on Marshas life and shenanigans. But as Marsha gains fame and fortune, she is forced to wrestle with her sense of identity in a celebrity-obsessed world. Things become hotter and more complicated when shes wooed by a handsome fitness entrepreneur who challenges her ideas of a fairy tale romance. Starring real Youtubers and innovatively told, Viral Beauty is an innovative tech-comedy not to be missed.

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